Sunday, 14 June 2015

Parent Meeting - Grade 5 Transition to the Senior School:

Inviting all GR5 Parents!

Parent Meeting - Grade 5 Transition to the Senior School:

During this meeting the GR5 parents will receive information on, “how life changes in the MYP Programme” and the parents will have an opportunity to ask questions they might have about the transition to the Senior School. A panel of teachers and administrators, will be available to answer questions and offer support. The meeting will take place at the following time:

Date: Tuesday, June 16th @ 12:30 PM
Location: Learning Theatre (formerly the AV room)

If you have any further questions please email me at
Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Miss. Marlo and Miss Kristy
MYP Grade 6-8 Counselors

دعوة لجميع أولياء أمور طلاب الصف الخامس!
اجتماع لأولياء الأمور - توضيح المرحلة الانتقالية لطلاب الصف الخامس إلى المدرسة الإعدادية:
خلال هذا الاجتماع سوف يتم طرح المعلومات المهمة لأولياء أمور طلاب الصف الخامس حول "كيف يمكن للحياة أن تتغير في برنامج ال- MYP"، وسوف يتاح لأولياء الأمور الفرصة لطرح ما يجول في خاطرهم من أسئلة بخصوص الانتقال إلى المرحلة الإعدادية. سوف يتواجد في الإجتماع لجنة من المعلمين والإداريين، للإجابة على الأسئلة المطروحة وتقديم الدعم اللازم.
موعد الاجتماع سيكون كما يلي:
التاريخ: الثلاثاء 16 يونيو - الساعة: 12:30 ظهراً
المكان: مسرح التعلم (سابقا غرفة ال-AV)
إذا كان لديكم أي أستفسارات يرجى التواصل معي على البريد الالكتروني التالي:
نتطلع إلى رؤيتكم قريبا،
الآنسة مارلو
مستشارة صفوف السادس والسابع

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Cultural Studies - World Celebration

The year is almost over and Cultural Studies students have had a successful and fun year of learning. To finish off the term we are all busy creating a 'World Celebration'. Each class has an area of the room in which to showcase a continent. Next Wednesday 17th June students are allowed and encouraged to bring food (preferably from the continent their class has chosen but not essential), dress up if they wish and celebrate together in the way they have planned. Please note the following:

3B (Asia) and 3D (Oceania) will come at 9.25
4A (North America) and 4B (Africa) will come at 10.10
5C (Europe) and 5E (South America) will come at 12.30

Thank you for all your support this year. I wish all my super students all the very best for the future.

Hannah Charles

PS - You can still send me a postcard...
Casa Tranquila
Estrada de Viavai

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Grade 5 Promotion Ceremony

Please wear school uniform for Promotion Ceremony.
Black shoes only should be worn.

First rehearsal is tomorrow.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Grade 5 Celebration

When? Thursday 11th June 10:00-13:30
Where? The Student Centre
Who? All the Grade 5 classes
Why? End of Year Celebration
What to bring? Max QR100 to buy lunch and drinks

What to wear? House Colours or PE uniform

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Arabic B Update

In Arabic B, grade 5 students have the capability to complete a paragraph about a sport game  with words they have learned in class. They have shown knowledgeable and responsible. Great Job!